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Cure for Coronavirus: Australian Researchers finds 2 Effective Drugs for COVID-19 Cure

Cure for Coronavirus is claimed to be found by some Australian researchers who are sure of their discovery. David Paterson from the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research has said that two drugs were able to stop coronavirus in its track and they ready to start the clinical trials.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the whole world and more than 350 people are infected in Australia, including 5 deaths. The two drugs to cure coronavirus included an HIV and an anti-malaria drug called chloroquine. Here is more information on the Australian research of the cure for coronavirus and timeline for clinical trials.

HIV and Anti-Malaria Drugs to Cure Coronavirus

HIV and Anti-Malaria Drugs to Cure Coronavirus

Coronavirus is being treated by a variety of drugs depending on the conditions of the infected patient. The first few COVID-19 patients who were given the two drugs have completely recovered from the disease. The two medications consisting of an HIV drug and the anti-malaria drug chloroquine is a potentially effective treatment for coronavirus.

It has been found out that there is no trace of the novel coronavirus in their systems after using the two drugs. The two drugs were used in test tubes to cure coronavirus and they completely stopped the virus in its track.

Future Research and Clinical Trials for COVID-19 Cure

Future Research and Clinical Trials for COVID-19 Cure

Dr. Paterson said that they want to start large clinical trials across more than 50 hospitals across Australia. The goal is to compare the results of the individual drugs versus the combination of the two drugs. Paterson added that even though the COVID-19 medicines are successful in some patients, they need to test on a bigger number for a controlled comparative outcome.

The drugs can be taken as oral tablets which makes it easier for distribution and consumption. Coronavirus drug trials and related medical research will start soon as they secure the proper fundings.


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