Imagine that you are in your kitchen trying to cook a delicious dinner. You have kept a pan full of water to boil and on another, you are frying vegetables. But meanwhile, you get a burning smell. Oh, no. Where is it coming from? You found out that the smell was coming from the potatoes you have left in the oven. 

So, has this thing ever happened to you? If yes, you might not be a big fan of cooking. But guess what? There are a few things that you can follow to master the art of cooking. Yes, you have read that right.

These amazing tips are from people who have posted them after a Reddit user u/YoungChefBoy asked them some great cooking tips. Scroll down to see them. 


The first is not a cooking tip but a kitchen tip. If you are using a falling knife and you drop it, let it hit the ground. A falling knife does not have any handle. So, if you try to catch it, you will land in an emergency room.


Never ever start cooking anything in a cold pan. Let the pan hot first before pouring anything into it.


Even if you don’t follow the exact recipe, it’s okay. But when you are baking, you should follow each step, you can’t deviate.


Take a small hand towel and tie it on your waist so that it hangs over your legs. When you do this, you have something to wipe your hands with or clean your instruments with.


Always clean up the kitchen while you are cooking. When you do this, you won’t have to force yourself to keep everything in its original place or wash a sink full of uncleaned dishes after you have eaten.


Do not use margarine instead of REAL BUTTER.


You can even eat the stem of broccoli by peeling, cutting, and frying it.


People, if you want a good taste, you should put 2 cloves of garlic minimum.


You should always learn different cooking techniques rather than mugging up a recipe. When you know a cooking technique, you can cook so many delicious dishes.


Remember that electric stove and gas are different. Electric stoves are much hotter. So, if you are cooking something on a high flame on a stove, it will get burnt. However, in the gas, it will be a nice sear.


Whenever you are cooking sauce for pasta, you can add the boiled pasta water into it. The water will help the sauce to bind well and it will also enhance the taste.


Always pay attention to all your senses. Like when you are multitasking, always trust your nose. If you get a different smell, check the pan from where it is coming. The smell does not mean that you have burnt the food but it indicates subtle changes that help you understand that the food is cooking.


To take out the acidity from spaghetti or chili sauce, you can add sugar to it.


To get a better umami taste, you can use fish or soy sauce in place of salt.


You should use regular olive oil rather than extra virgin olive oil because extra virgin oil is not for cooking on higher flames.


You should always put salt in your hand rather than putting it straight into the dish.


To keep the knife blade sharper for more time, you should scrape ingredients from the cutting board.


Adding salt before and after cooking has different effects.


Always keep everything that you need for cooking in one place to avoid burning food.


You can use a good pair of scissors for cutting things like pizza, cherry tomatoes, dough, and more.