Cryptocurrency prices are always on a move. Hence, a cryptocurrency price analysis is needed from time to time. This analysis helps the traders understand the markets better – and make trading decisions and investments based on technical details. Let us take a closer look at the cryptocurrency prices  of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the markets.

Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency price analysis 15 February 2019 Bitcoin
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Bitcoin price has been fluctuating in the mid 3000s for quite some time now. However, it appears that Bitcoin price has found a safe spot at around 3,600. The next target for $BTC would be to break out and cross $4,000. The next level of support for Bitcoin will be close to $4,225.

Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Ethereum

Ethereum currently stands in at $123 and occupies the #2 spot in the cryptocurrency markets (by market cap).  The $ETH cryptocurrency price is expected to continue booming and cross the $150 mark over this coming week.

Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Ripple

Cryptocurrency price analysis 15 February 2019 Ripple XRP
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Ripple’s market cap currently stands at $12.4 Billion – $500 Million behind that of Ethereum. However, it is unlikely that Ripple will be able to topple Ethereum’s spot for now. This is because $XRP cryptocurrency price technical analysis reveals that Ripple is facing a strong downtrend at the moment. The currency’s price is $0.30 – and might go down to $0.28 over the week if this bearish downtrend continues.

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Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash went through some strong downtrends earlier this week – but has since stabled out and is now on the path to growth again. The $BCH cryptocurrency’s current price stands at $122.87.  Given that the currency’s support level stands at around $99 and the next target is that of $140 – it can go either ways!

Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Litecoin

Cryptocurrency price analysis 15 February 2019 Litecoin LTC
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A cryptocurrency price analysis for Litecoin reveals that the currency performed in a rather stable fashion. Currently up by 1.81% over the day’s trade, Litecoin is a ‘safe bet’ for now. Moreover, it’s price stands in at $43.52. It would enter a bull-run if it manages to cross $50 this week.

Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Stellar

Stellar has had a slow performance over the day. However, the currency has had a rather good week. The Stellar price trend is on a surge and currently looks quite opposite to that of Bitcoin. It would be a good idea to invest in $XLM based on its cryptocurrency price analysis.

Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: EOS

Cryptocurrency price analysis 15 February 2019 EOS
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EOS showed strong growth midweek. However, traders need to be careful because the growth may reverse if a market correction follows through over the next week. Though a steep fall is very unlikely at the moment. EOS is a safe bet for investors.

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Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: TRON

Investing in TRON at the moment might be a risky investment. Tron’s current price stands in at $0.02 and we see a strong downtrend forming. This is a trend similar to that of Bitcoin SV, which we take a look at next.

Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin SV

Cryptocurrency price analysis 15 February 2019 Bitcoin SV BSV
Image ethereumworldnews

Investing in Bitcoin SV is bound to be a risky investment. The currency is facing a very strong downtrend which is likely to bring its market cap to less than a billion dollars over the weeks to follow. We’d best advice to not invest in $BSV for now.

Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Binance Coin

Binance Coin ($BNB) has been a stable performer. The currency went through a very strong boom early in the week and is currently facing corrections. Investing in BNB might turn to be a safe bet.