Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Bull Run Coming as VISA & MasterCard Hike Fees Price

    Bitcoin Bull Run Bitcoin Price rise Visa and Mastercard

    A Bitcoin bull run seems to be on the horizon. The signs are all around us at Bitcoin price has been on quite a boom over the week. Yesterday, we saw BTC grow by over 8.5% as prices reached close to $4,000. Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin has maintained the price.

    Bitcoin Bull Run Bitcoin Price rise

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    However, it now appears that we have another reason for a bull run: an increase in fees from VISA and MasterCard. Let us take a closer look.

    Bitcoin Bull Run Incoming: VISA and MasterCard to Increase Fees?

    VISA and MasterCard are two of the financial powerhouses of the world. Having a massive amount of PoS systems under their control, these payment networks are now going to increase their fees. A report from Reuters points out that starting April 2019, VISA and MasterCard will increase their fees for banks.

    Bitcoin Bull Run Bitcoin Price rise Mastercard

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    Given that the fee will rise for the banks – the banks will pass it on to the merchants and consumers in some form or the other. This is likely to contribute to a Bitcoin bull run as more users would be motivated to use cryptocurrencies. While this may not be the only reason for a Bitcoin bull run, but it sure is going to contribute significantly!

    Early Signs of Bitcoin Bull Run: Price Boom

    Bitcoin Bull Run Bitcoin Price rise Visa

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    Bitcoin price has been booming over the week. It went from $3,609 at the starting of the week to a high of $4000.49 earlier today. However, it has since been trading in the $3900s.

    This stability is quite critical at the moment. Market experts believe that a huge ‘breakout’ and a major Bitcoin bull run is likely once Bitcoin price crosses $4,200!

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