Crypto Markets this weekend ends on a flat note with little movement in the major crypto currencies. There are no significant gains even with the capitalization level of $120 billion in the crypto markets.

Over the past 24 hours, resistance has been tested at $3,600 several times by Bitcoin. The trading has continued due to minor daily gains of fraction of a percentage at the time of trading in crypto markets.

Since last week, BTC has done nothing and is gradually down over the week. Even the short term predictions look grim for the upcoming weeks.

Since yesterday, Ethereum has also shown little movement. ETH is moving around $117 with less momentum as the weekend approaches. XPR has made a percent gain increasing its lead to $800 million in the crypto market.

Crypto Market Witnesses a Shuffle in Positions
Short term predictions regarding crypto market for the upcoming week look grim. Credits: News BTC

In the top ten, most altcoins are green during Asian trading today in the crypto market with marginal gains. Rebranded Litcoin has got a decent lift of 5% flipping Stellar as XLM gets down to the eight position in the crpto market.

LTC will take the sixth spot off Tether with almost $2 billion. The market is likely to see a frenzy of flipping with EOS at the fifth spot and Tron at the ninth position with a mere gap of $400 million.

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Among the top twenty in the crypto market, Dash and Maker are creeping up by 4%, apart from that the rest of the list is equally soporific.

The rest are just 2% higher which is almost negligible. At the time of writing, crypto currencies are not turning into double figures in crypto market. TenX, Linkey and PundiX are with leading gains in the top hundred with a rise of 9%.

Crypto Market’s capitalization stagnant

Waves and Factom are the altcoins who are performing the worst at the time with no big dumps. The market capitalization is stagnant with addition of $1 billion only. Daily volume is at $14 billion low with little action for crypto markets.

Source: News BTC, Daily Crypto Info