Criminal Minds season 15

Criminal Minds season 15 fans are experiencing a bittersweet moment, as the show begins to wrap up its journey of nearly 15 years with the release of the upcoming season.

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It appears that the end of the journey will be marked by revisiting some of the earlier stories in the series, going over old case files and reconnecting with criminals and forwards from way back when.

Criminal Minds season 15 theories and speculations

Criminal Minds season 15One of the most interesting speculations about the upcoming season is the continuation of the love story between JJ and Reid, which started in the last season. The last few moments of the season finale showed that the two were in fact romantically attracted towards each other.

We are also curious to know how the story of Penelope Garcia will wrap up in Criminal Minds season 15. The character has been a major face since the pilot and we are all curious to know how things end for her.

There was certainly a moment of fear among fans when rumours flew that the show will be canceled after season 14. This was attributed to the fact that the number of episodes in the 14th season was way less than the earlier seasons. The rumour was fueled when CBS did not recommission the 15th season until the beginning of 2019.

Open ending on the horizon?

criminal minds season 15 endingShowrunner Messer talked about how they want to end the season. He said,

“There’s also a way to undo that little ribbon and open it up again and keep telling stories because we’re never going to run out of good guys catching bad guys. I would love to be able to see this brand live on for a very long time.”

We’ll just have to wait until Criminal Minds season 15 airs to see what happens.