Marring the love of your life is surely an exciting thing but arranging a wedding ceremony comes with lots of stress. While some tricky situations can be handled with grace, some situations are trickier than the rest.

Like in the case of redditor Quackers4Crackers shared and her fiancé, they uninvited a guest based on his intolerant, “aggressive,” and “cruel” posts on Facebook about progressive issues like LGBTQ+ rights. 

After doing this, she felt guilty and asked people on the Internet about the same. Scroll down to know about this thing further.


A couple recently uninvited one of their guests after they took a closer look at the things that they posted on Facebook

“Sometimes, writing things out makes it easier to say exactly what you want in the way you plan to say it. Others feel better having a personal chat over the phone. Just do what is going to help you be as authentic, diplomatic, and kind as possible. You also need to expect that there will be some upset, and you need to greet that with acceptance and compassion. If you’re making the decision to uninvite a guest, you need to be ok with handling the consequences of that,” Anna and Sarah from The Wedding Society told Bored Panda how to tackle uninvitations.

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They also suggest that you try and be honest and frame things in such a way that things seem like they turned out for the best for everyone involved. “There’s no real way to get around the pain of uninviting or being uninvited to a wedding. The only thing that eases the sting is making it as kind as possible and trying to see your situation from the other person’s perspective. Try to frame it like you’re doing the best thing for both parties, such as saying, ‘I feel like you’d want to be aligned with people who have the same values as you, and I don’t think we’re those people.’ Just don’t be dishonest. It’s better to give no reason than lying for the sake of an excuse. Everyone deserves honesty.”

“When creating your guest list, think long and hard about whom you choose to include. If budget restrictions or venue capacity are the reason you’re tempted to downsize your headcount, it’s perfectly okay to create an A list and a B list of guests. Much better to use this strategy than to overshoot on invites and have to revoke them later,” The Knot explains.

Most redditors thought that the happy couple were well within their rights to uninvite the guest

However, some internet users thought that the situation was a bit more nuanced, based on the information the poster shared