Deep into the woods, a couple finds an abandoned cottage and it was no ordinary “hidden gem.” Colin and his partner went into the forgotten cottage expecting an empty and barren interior. They thought it will like rotten wooden logs just piled up for years.

Colin, an urban explorer, and his female partner believed this to be empty and abandoned. They never will end up being inside a preserved space.

“This is what happens to a home when time stops and is left so nature can reclaim it,”

Colin wrote on YouTube.

“The house is a complete time capsule and is truly incredible! Seeing the wildlife literally taking over part of the bedroom was remarkable!”

The cottage was completely frozen in time for at least 30 years as if the home were waiting for its owner(s) to return.

“I’ve watched 100s of urban exploring videos, but none have ever made me feel the way this one did,” one YouTube commenter says. “Throughout the video, all I could imagine was a couple growing old together here, after their children left home. One of the couples eventually passes away leaving the other alone. Alone until their last day came.”

What had happened?

It was in 1993, from an old newspaper, he says the last piece of evidence of anyone inhabiting the cottage. As you’ll see there are so many clues and details in the items left scattered around the dwelling. Clothes were still hanging up to dry. Food being remained is stored in the kitchen shelves and cupboards. Books all over might be there lived a keen reader.

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Old black-and-white photos of the potential homeowners, an elderly couple, were laid out on the table. But what happened to these people? What have been the reason for their disappearance?

While others choose to see the abandoned cottage in a more romantic way. One similar to the thought commented-

“It looks that someone’s dream came true. To live in nature in seclusion and enjoy what they love the most- reading, drinking, taking walks in nature, and going to town once in a while to get more supplies!”

Let us know your thoughts or if you have been to such a place ever. Have a look at the video of the hidden abandoned cottage.

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