Whenever we think of settling in a beautiful house with the love of our life, huge financial obligation stops us. And then, we have to give up on this idea. Uhh, that’s such a disappointment. 

But this post is going to give you a little motivation. Today, we will tell you about a cute couple Charlie MacVicar, 26, and her partner Luke Walker, 27, who converted their double-decker into a dream house (and it’s so beautiful). 

“We love to travel and wanted a hub that we could return home to. And then leave again and have a lot of flexibility,” Charlie us. “Also, we loved the TV show George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, and [our project] was inspired by some of the builds on the show. We went back and forth over a shipping container to a caravan and finally settled for a double-decker bus.”

“Me and my partner wanted to live together but we didn’t want to be tied down to a huge mortgage or pay huge amounts in rent,” Charlie said.

“I and my boyfriend are not your typical creative type. We have mostly worked office jobs and there were some parts of the bus we simply couldn’t do ourselves. The electric, plumbing, and carpentry were done by either family or professionals. As much as we would like to take credit for the hard work, we certainly couldn’t have done it without others,” she explained.

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The first floor has  a spacious kitchen, WC, work desk, and a guest room/ living room with a woodburning oven

“[But overall], there weren’t many challenges with the bus, we got very lucky with the condition we bought the bus in,” Charlie said. “So the conversion went quite smoothly. Building upstairs was more of a challenge as on the top deck, the floor is slightly curved so we had to custom build the bed, level the bath, and other furniture.”

The second floor has a bedroom, bathtub, and a walk-in-closet

They also did some amazing things with the outside space:

The bus itself was £2,500 ($3,470) and the couple spent around £15,000 ($20,830) on the conversion

“I believe it was completely worth it and honestly, it’s the best thing me and my boyfriend have done”

“We love living here and the freedom it gives us”

People are absolutely loving the double-decker home