If you’ve seen the movie “Urban Cowboy” starring John Travolta, you’ll know about the life of Mickey Gilley. If you’ve heard the songs “Lonely Nights” or “Room Full of Roses”, you’ve been touched by the life of Mickey Gilley.

Gilley was born in Mississippi in 1936 and grew up in Louisiana with his cousins. He was taught to play the piano by Lewis.

Gilley became a country star with 17 number 1 songs during his career after recording his first single, “Ooh Wee Baby. He was a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was a member of the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame.

One of the things he was best known for was his nightclub, Gilley’s, which was located in the same building as the country star’s music store. The movie “Urban Cowboy” was inspired by this nightclub.

Gilley was hired to be an in-house talent for the club in 1971 and the name was changed to Gilley’s. There was a huge dance floor, a mechanical bull, and an adjacent recording studio at the nightclub in Pasadena, Texas. The club featured many other stars in the country music world, including Johnny Lee, and Gilley was the in-house talent.

The nightclub was copied across the country after the movie “Urban Cowboy”. Gilley once told The Las Vegas Sun, “It was kind of a cultural phenomenon that got discovered. It was a big subculture that spread all across the nation.”

Gilley performed throughout his life. He was going to perform his last tour. He finished a 10-show tour at the age of 86. Gilley died in Missouri on May 9. He was surrounded by people. There was no cause of death reported.

Gilley was on tour and his favorite place, according to his publicist.

The country music world took to social media to say goodbye after hearing of Gilley’s passing.