Gary Windass, the bad boy from Coronation Street, was involved in the factory collapse disaster and he has been trying to save himself. However, it seems that another danger is approaching him which may directly affect his relationship.

Yes, you heard that right. Things might come to an end between Sarah Platt and Gary Windass on Coronation Street.

Carla Connor, Underworld factory boss, was called for investigation regarding the part played by her in the roof collapse disaster. Gary (Mikey North) has already gave her a warning about it. Carla has assured him that his name won’t come out.

But she went ahead and told Gary’s girlfriend about the deal between him and Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne).

Coronation Street Spoilers
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Sarah knew that Peter would do anything to buy Gary’s silence regarding his warning to Carla about the roof’s condition.

But what came as a shock to her was that her boyfriend has accepted the deal in order to pay back to Rick Neelan (Greg Wood). The loan shark will return to the ITV soap.

However, it seems that Rick won’t let go of Gary so easily. He would push up the repayment charges with the increasing interest overtime till he delivers the goods.

In the next episodes of Coronation Street, Gary will try and save Alex Warner (Liam Bairstow) from the dangerous world of the loan shark. Rick will then turn to Sarah and her children Harry and Bethany Platt to make him back of.

Rick visits Sarah and makes it clear she and the kids will be the ones to pay if Gary walks away.

After Rick’s visit, Sarah decides to end things with Gary in order to protect her children. However, Gary won’t give up so easily and will try to win her back.