Coronation Street spoiler Steve McDonald

Steve McDonald from Coronation Street has been trying his best to get his life back on track after the incident with the armed robber. But it seems that the repercussions of his ordeal are not over yet.

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Coronation Street spoilers: What happened with Steve

Steve (Simon Gregson) saw his mother Liz McDonald (Beverly Callard) and wife Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) take away his firm on Coronation Street when the business owner lost control over the finances of the company. Steve only wanted to keep his business afloat and in order to do that, he began picking up customers from the roadside. This led to him becoming the getaway driver for an armed robber.

Coronation Street spoilers Steve

The vigilante threatened his wife and stopped him from informing the police. Troubled by his ordeal, Steve confronted a group of teenagers who were unable to pay their fare. This subsequently led to one of the teenagers being knocked down by a car.

Since then, the taxi driver’s license has been revoked and he didn’t meet the car crash victim since then. But it doesn’t end there as Steve will meet the budding football star James Bailey once again.

Coronation Street spoilers Steve
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Steve finally meets James when Ken Barlow (William Roache) tells him to speak to the neighbors about the unwanted noise. Aggie Bailey invites Steve into their home and that is how he ends up meeting James. His parents were truly terrified to know about the road accident.

Will James’ parents avenge Steve for doing what he did to their child? Or will James tell his parents that the two have finally made peace? We will only get to know about this in the next episode of Coronation Street.