We all know about the U.S. elections and how Texas did not vote for blue. It seems like the people of Texas are really pissed off with the entire political scenario going on. Also, they are blaming the government for sending the snow to teach the people of Texas a lesson. 

The people here claim that the snow that has been sent is fake as it does not melt in the fire. To prove this thing, so many people have taken initiative and tried to burn the snow. 

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Videos of people ‘revealing’ that snow in Texas is fake by burning snowballs are going viral on social media

So it seems that the snow is burning instead of melting when exposed to fire

It also leaves a suspicious ash-like residue as it is burned

The fear of fake snow in Texas got conspiracy theorists uploading numerous clips of ‘evidence’ of their experiments

Some individuals are claiming that they have been sent not just some regular snow, but the fake kind

Residents in other states decided to participate in the experiment currently sweeping through the internet

The results were shockingly the same—the snow is fake in other locations as well

The snow, again, burned and turned black, just disappearing and not melting

Some figured out that it’s all due to the fact that someone is controlling the weather

And it turns out that President Joe Biden is behind all of the snowstorms in Texas

So in order to explain what is actually happening, people created responses thoroughly decoding the processes

And here are a few reactions of people after encounters with snow-burning conspiracy theorists