Conor McGregor retirement return UFC news

Conor McGregor’s defeat to Khabib Nurmagomedov still haunts him. The Irishman would never admit it, but the fourth-round submission which lost him the match still haunts him. In fact, McGregor hasn’t even entered the Octagon since his defeat at the UFC 229. He has also announced a retirement, his second one, since his defeat. Connor McGregor’s future in this sport hangs in the air.

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McGregor begins hype for his upcoming UFC Fights

But if the new developments are to be believed, the Irishman has perhaps changed his mind (again). It seems as if McGregor is having second thoughts on his decision to hang up the glove. Yet, there has been no confirmation from his side that he is an active fighter so far.

Conor McGregor retirement return UFC news

The announcement of the retirement came, shockingly, shortly after McGregor had himself revealed that he was discussing plans to a summer return to the cage.

Will McGregor come back for a Khabib v McGregor sequel?

Khabib v McGregor retirement UFC news

And yet again, earlier this week, McGregor made another reveal, stating that he is preparing for his next fight. The Irishman uploaded a photo with fellow Irish fighter Katie Taylor, praising her dedication and talent. He even mentioned that had he not been busy with his own preparations for a fight, he would have been ringside for Katie’s next fight.

McGregor demands ownership in UFC to cancel his retirement

Conor McGregor retirement return UFC news

Although McGregor seems to have hinted towards a fight announcement, he has also said that he wishes to stay retired until UFC provide him with shares in the promotion. He wishes for some specific terms, and unless he gets them, Connor McGregor is staying retired.

Which, many would argue if £3.3billions are completely fair. After all, McGregor had a lot to with the £3.3billion UFC sale in July 2016. He simply wishes to be appropriately compensated for that. So unless he gets what he deserves, he is not entering the Octagon.