Let’s see if you can find out the actual meaning of these confusing images.

1. “My aunts cat has the word no circled in his fur pattern.”

2. “Old school surfers.”

3. “A frog visited my car last night.”

4. “Is that cat staring at his batman shadow?”

5. “Every rock along the perimeter of this house had a symbol on it.”

6. “Big Cat.”

7. “There’s an old woman’s face in my belly button.”

8. “This snail with cracked shell, who mistook the crack for the aperture and now crawls around like that.”

9. “Found this Plague Doctor pear while stocking this morning.”

10. “It’s a plain white van.”

11. “This tissue box merging into the wallpaper.”

12. “How my beer matches this floor cleaner!”

13. “A tree in my yard after a long-lived vine was finally stripped away.”

14. “A steep hill with trees looks like a vertical great green wall.”

15. “Shadow by my house looks like a nice old fairy. Happens every night.”

16. “The sun on my window made a rainbow that’s split in half by my chair leg.”

17. “[Couldn’t] find my own arm for a second.”

18. Pretty Extreme Measures.

19. “Robin created nest in back of elephant planter.”

20. “I knew the Dutch were tall, but this…”

21. “2 alpacas.”

22. “The ceiling and wall in this reflection makes it look like there is a window through the pillar.”

23. “Foot hand.”

24. “Mirror for sale: But does it come with the giant feet boots?”

25. “My son’s very long arm.”

26. “This bottle opener that looks like a parrot.”

27. “When your neighbor puts up a 40 foot observation tower.”

28. “Is that dude wearing clothes?”

29. “This vine from my blackberry bush is like 6 vines merged together.”

30. “Our new kitten has a dog’s face on his forehead.”