Does this situation sound familiar?

You have just ordered a large bucket of fried chicken and are out in town. Every bite is better than the last. The skin is crispy, so almost every wound gets a score on the Richter scale. Your mouth and fingers are greasy and salty but you don’t care because they are so delicious.

But that might be better. If you made a small suggestion, it would be for more skin, less meat.


Would you hold the Chicken after having all the skin you wanted?

It’s like a dream. After all, how can you enjoy fried chicken skin without chicken? The two are mutually exclusive, right?

California food stalls make that dream come true for fried skin lovers around the world.


Introducing Chick N’ Skin, a company that heard complaints and said, “Get all the edible fried chicken skins.”

According to Insider, the company is located at 626 Night Markets in Southern California, offering hungry customers a dream gift. It is chicken skin without chicken.

A quick look at the company’s Instagram shows that customers can wear their favorite clothes. Salsa, cheese, tomatoes, jalapenos-this is your fried world, companion.


These delicacies are exactly what it sounds like. Imagine your favorite fried chicken without chicken.

All salty, greasy, fried delicacies can be ordered warm and enjoyed with your favorite sauce.

The company also offers barbecue bacon sheets and salt and vinegar sheets, but everyone knows who the real star is.


Some people point out that these chicken skins are basically the best treatment for keto.

Each serving contains only 1 gram of carbohydrates. It knows that all people with ketogenic skills are within the range of a ketogenic diet.

Moreover, as if the whole deal wasn’t surprising enough, the company is actually reducing waste by getting chicken skin from a company that normally throws away chicken after it has been processed.

So, reduce, reuse, recycle and get into my stomach.


No need to fret if you won’t be in the Southern California area soon.

Chick N’Skin is available at other festivals and events throughout the year. Therefore, keep an eye out for the stalls that most people line up in front of.

Or, if you’re a little more impatient, they also offer online ordering so you can have the chicken skin delivered directly to your doorstep for $ 5.99 per bag. Check out all the flavors, including Chinese Salt & Pepper, Buffalo Wings, Tom Yum (sweet and spicy).