If you don’t know what you’re worth or allow others to take advantage of you, hard work doesn’t always pay off. Things can get very heated very fast if you have a few business owners who believe that experience is worth more than the raise they promised you for years of stellar work. Even though you spent time at the company, sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on. When you have a better job offer waiting on the sidelines after your Christmas bonus is denied, it’s even worse.

Redditor u/tcrambo, a young and capable general contractor, went viral for sharing how he ended up quitting his job. He had been with the company for 6 years and was the star employee and he was working on a 3-million-dollar contract that was dependent on the fact that the client trusted him alone. He decided to take a big leap and quit when he realized that he had no real future at the company. The person who helped him realize his worth was his fiancée.

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It can be very frustrating when you don’t get rewarded for your hard work.


A star worker shared how quitting affected the company he was at.


The employee revealed who inspired him to take the big step and switch jobs.


The story on r/antiwork got 80. We tried, honestly, but the calculator kept coming up with the result of more awards than we could count.

The author of the post added an update to the story because a few people were wondering if he was exaggerating or lying. He is engaged to the daughter of one of the business owners.  The man has control over his wage because of this connection.

His fiancée gave him the courage and confidence to leave for a better job at a different company.

“She is without a doubt the sweetest most kindhearted girl I’ve ever met, an absolute angel, and my biggest supporter. She is hands down the best thing that has ever happened to me. The best thing about this opportunity is that I will be able to give her the life she deserves and put her through nursing school, and pay for our wedding!” he wrote.

Sam Dogen, from the Financial Samurai project, believes that one important issue that employees keep running into is that they don’t know how to manage their managers. Keeping them in the loop about what we achieved and how we contributed to the company is what this means. On a regular basis. Not once a year.

“Managing your manager entails keeping him or her abreast of what you are up to. It means highlighting your key wins and reminding them at the end of the year about what you did in the first half of the year,” he explained.

The expert told employees to keep a paper trail. When it comes to important conversations, promises, and deadlines, we shouldn’t rely on our memories because human beings tend to misremember things. There are documents that can refresh our memories.

“By keeping things in writing, we can better remember situations and better argue for ourselves when it comes to asking for a raise and a promotion,” he said.


The original poster was more than happy to reply to a lot of the other users’ comments.