When you got hired in your office, it was based on pure skills and talent on which your employer got impressed. Debit and Credit, are two offices adopted cats, who got approval for the job of playing with boxes and boosting the morale of employees. An Ohio based trucking company’s computer and finance department adopted these adorable kittens. We are sure that you would have loved to have such cute companions in your office as well.
Someone from the staff uploaded some pictures of these brother kittens on Reddit. Cat lovers on the Internet are showering their love on them.

These are Debit and Credit, the adorable office cats who have succeeded on the Internet

An employee shared that debit and credit stay in the office in the afternoons. They also go on the weekend to pamper them.

Here you can see their viral video:


The culture of having pets in the office is getting normalized these days. It is proven that dogs and cats can reduce stress and improve psychological health. “They reduce stress, increase productivity because they interact with you on their own, and when they show up at your work area, they are a good reminder to take a break,” explained psychologist Lotte Spijkerman.