Cold storage of evidence in the Trump Era

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen stands behind Trump as a group of supporters lay hands on Trump in prayer during a campaign stop at the New Spirit Revival Center church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, U.S. September 21, 2016. Picture taken September 21, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst - RC172532EC90

    Ever since Donald Trump took over the reins of the presidency there have been reports that the Russians may have had a hand in ensuring his victory. Despite the build up of suspense nothing has quite come out of it.

    While some of the evidence could be considered as circumstantial, and some inconclusive, there has been other evidence that can be treated as hard evidence.

    I had reported a story on how computer scientists had stumbled up on evidence linking a server in the Trump Organization with server of the Alfa Bank in Moscow. However, despite the evidence, there was a deathly silence from the media, and I had to follow up on the articles with another article to counter the points raised by many others after the article was published.

    And the FBI quietly issued a blanket clearance without as much as mentioning about the article in detail.


    Source : The Atlantic

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