Scientists have recently discovered a drinkable cocktail which has the properties of a drug. The cocktail is promising enough to block the decline of memory related to Alzheimer, and by the looks of it, it can also restore memory.

Currently, there are around 44 million people from all around the world who suffer from fatal Alzheimer’s disease. And there has been nothing to cure the devastating illness, whatever medical help is there to treat the disease is of no use and most of the symptoms of the diseases can’t be treated either.

Medical representation of a healthy brain and a Alzheimer's brain
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A drinkable cocktail can cure Alzheimer’s

The researchers present at Yale University are among most of the scientists from different corners of the world who reportedly are searching for a few solutions to this growing problem as the population starts ages.

The team of researchers at Yale have reportedly discovered a brand new way to retooling a very old antibiotic which is known as Suprax, the antibiotic is otherwise known as cefixime which is used to treat the devastating type of dementia in rodents such as mice. Now the scientists are cooking up some plan to test the drug in a larger sample of human patients.

Yale University Scientist discovered how an old antibiotic be retooled for restoring the synaptic connection of the brain
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One of the causes of death in the US

In the US, Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death on an overall basis. The disease is the fifth leading disease as far as the people over 65 years of age are considered.

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As the population in the US ages, most importantly the generation of baby boomer, the disease is reportedly striking a lot of people down. There are a handful of drugs which are used on a general basis for easing the symptoms of Alzheimer like irregular moods, and the drugs might also help in slowing down the cognitive decline.

Research on the verge of discovering protien to improve brain stability among the alzheimers
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The effects of these types of drugs are just temporary and the medications that have been developed after the decades have now become extremely ineffective as the disease starts progressing the brain.

In the most recent breakthrough, the scientists have started working out by building up an amyloid beta protein plaques which seems like marking the disease.

This led the drug developers to formulate a plan so that they can easily treat Alzheimer. The moment the amyloid beta and the prion proteins bind to each other, plaques starts developing on the brain.

This triggers the immune system to respond and then the combination usually damages the connections of the synapses which in turn disrupts the activity of the brain along with the communication between regions.

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