Research has suggested that exercising and taking care of your diet can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 30%. As a result, certain types of exercises are recommended that can help in reducing the symptoms and difficulties of people who are suffering from this disorder.

Benefits of climbing stairs

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Climbing stairs has been classified as one of the most legitimate forms of exercises. This is especially true for office going people who do not have time to go to the gym. Climbing stairs has become a hot new trend for achieving fitness and reducing the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

Dr Harvey Simon who is an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School said that climbing stairs can burn more calories than jogging. He said that it can save people nearly $600 in gym memberships. Dr Simon also said that it is linked to many health benefits.

Climbing stairs can cut the risk Type 2 Diabetes
Climbing stairs can cut the risk Type 2 Diabetes

He added that walking upstairs is more beneficial than walking downstairs. It is also one of the best-kept secrets of preventive medicine, according to experts.

Effects of Type 2 Diabetes can be reduced

Climbing stairs can cut the risk Type 2 DiabetesBMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care Center conducted an open study on 16 senior adults suffering from type 2 diabetes in 2016. They found that just one to two hours of climbing stairs can reduce blood sugar significantly.

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Therefore, it is clear that climbing stairs after eating can reduce blood sugar levels and improve cardiovascular health.

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Furthermore, a study conducted in Japan at Toyota Hospital Hidaka Medical Center revealed that just walking upstairs 2 hours after eating can reduce blood sugar levels in people who suffer from insulin resistance.