Here’s a heartwarming story of an elderly widower from Dalton, United Kingdom. What had happened was that he was not getting any help for the cleaning. The worst thing is that the gentleman was living in that filthy living space. 

And that’s when Emma-lea Dalton and her team at My Kind of Clean stepped in. They worked hard straight for 8 hours and changed the dirty space into a cozy home. The team said that they were emotional while they were doing it. But they were happy too because this thing has changed the gentleman’s life forever. 

To show how drastically they have changed everything, My Kind of Clean also took the before and after pictures of the house. Scroll down to see it. 

Emma-lea said that “I really hope that this will help people understand they should not be embarrassed by things like this and ask for help if needed”. “It had been lived in for a good few years like this without help for this elderly gentleman.”

She further added that “he had hoarded quite a bit of stuff as we had two skips full”.

“There will be other people out there who are in a similar position, and I want them to know they should not feel embarrassed and ask for help,” Emma-lea said. “We started as cleaners that provide extra care for our customers, so it is nice to see that highlighted.”

After the work was done, one of his friends visited the new house and he was totally surprised. 

People were really, really impressed with the transformation