Clash Royale’s Gem Rush Weekend is back again temporarily. Discover what the Gem Rush is and why you ought to be in the arena at this moment.

Throughout the most recent year, Supercell has endeavored to keep players occupied with their hit diversion Clash Royale, by presenting new cards, events, difficulties and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

In the wake of debuting their new 2v2 mode the previous fall, the devs soon found players were inclining toward the mode since it is a non-aggressive group-based mode that doesn’t include or remove trophies.

With an end goal to get players amped up for 1v1 once more, the company presented a few new 1v1 event types – one of them being the Gem Rush.

Clash Royale Gem Rush Weekend
Clash Royale Gem Rush weekend is here.

In spite of the fact that we’ve just observed the Gem Rush event appear in Clash Royale a few times, this end of the week the occasion is finally back and for nothing to-play players, it’s an occasion you would prefer not to miss.

What is Clash Royale Gem Rush?

If it’s your first time finding out about Clash Royale’s gem rush, fundamentally, it’s actually what it sounds like: an occasion that offers players the chance to gain a decent pile of gems – 250 to be exact.

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All in all, how does Gem Rush work? Simple. Simply open the Clash Royale game and begin playing 2v2 battles. For each tower you annihilate you’ll procure jewels. You don’t need to win the match to win the gems You’ll simply be remunerated for bringing down towers.

Amid each match, you can possibly procure up to 30 jewels. You gain 5 jewels for the principal tower, 10 for the second and 15 for the third. While all players should discover the Gem Rush a spurring event, it’s a particularly decent one for new or free-to-play who realize exactly that it is so difficult to collect gems in the game.

Clash Royale Gem Rush Weekend
Clash Royale Gem Rush

Players can acquire up to 30 gems amid a battle for bringing down a rival’s towers.

To what extent Does Clash Royale’s Gem Rush Event Last?

Clash Royale’s three-day Gem Rush Event began Friday morning at 2:00 am ET and will end Monday morning at 2:00 am ET. Players can win up to 250 gems amid the occasion, notwithstanding the ordinary chest and victory gold.

What Other Clash Royale Events Are Happening This Weekend?

Notwithstanding the Gem Rush, the Clan Chest event is additionally live this end of the week.

In addition to Gem Rush, clans additionally, have a great deal to play during the current end of the week. The Clan Chest event is live this end of the week just as a 1v1 Friendly Draft battle. If there was ever a time to be dynamic in Clash Royale, this is one of them.

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