Chris Jericho, Jim Ross Unveil Professional Wrestling Company


    Chris Jericho, Jim Ross Unveil Professional Wrestling Company

    A recent report claims that Chris Jericho, Jim Ross join forces to launch their own professional wrestling company – but the AXS TV revealed a statement saying their alleged collaboration to be false.

    Having a good amount of professional wrestling experience in the world of wrestling, Chris Jericho & Jim Ross are planning to involve their experience for a good use. reports that these wrestling legends are working with well-known agent Barry Bloom to start a brand-new wrestling company.

    Jim Ross’s Wrestling contract is going to expire, but then he had already declined to sign a new deal with WWE. Jericho has been handling the new wrestling talents from Japan side, whereas Ross has been posting feelers to WWE talents.

    Khan with his family is going to finance this wrestling company project. Shahid Khan, one of the richest men across the world, and owns the English Premier League’s Fulham F.C. and Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL. Tony, Shahid Khan’s son has been lending hands with the wrestling project. One key point to be noted is that Tony is a huge professional fan of wrestling.

    Though there are some significant amount of possibilities for some financial loses for the first few years, the wrestling company is moving forward with an idea to promote the wrestling.

    The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, and Hangman Page are part of the board, and based on the report this wrestling project is what all three have been looking for when asked about sticking together – when all three were enquired about their future plans.

    Business talks are in progress with AXS channel to secure a Television Partner deal with AXS, and the wrestling company is expected to launch their wrestling promotion either in late 2019 or in early 2020.

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