The Chinese largest smart mobile makers have never offered a phone in the state. But from miles away, it covers  market across Africa. Transmission has left the global players trailing in its wake in a continent that is home to more than a billion people. In other words, Africa could be the new China.

George Zhu, the founder of Transsion, had spent a decade traveling in Africa as the sales head for another mobile company. He realized that selling Africans cell phones made for developed markets was the wrong approach. Transsion has built its great successful business in Africa and has no plans to come its home back. There are certain features which blew the mind of the users.

The 35 years old shop assistant stated by admiring the picture which she took that the phone has good camera quality. Tecno cameras have been optimized for African complexions. It automatically adjusts more light for darker skin and makes the photograph more beautiful.

Source: CNN

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