Chinese Kissing Device, some people think it’s creepy, while others think it’s charming and useful. People are getting excited about a new invention developed by Chinese tech geniuses that enables you to kiss your loved one whenever you want, even if they are thousands of miles away. Let’s take a closer look at what this gadget can do for you, and perhaps you’ll be the next to say, “Shut up and take my money.”

The Chinese Kissing Device helps promote monogamous love.

Chinese Kissing Device

The realistic Chinese kissing device with moving lips is designed to help people experience a “real” connection with their long-distance partners. You can even kiss complete strangers, but the device is intended to encourage true monogamous partnerships. It must be used with the mutual agreement of both parties.

The device’s “lips” are constructed of silicon. They use sensors to simulate the real pressure, movement, and even warmth of a kisser’s lips. It enables the device to send an identical replica of the smacker to your beloved’s device. It functions by pairing a mobile phone app.

It has already proven to be a lifesaver for many individuals.

Each kissing gadget costs $38 at the retail level. People who shop on the e-commerce site Taobao are already buying more than 100 devices per month.

According to customer feedback, people are grateful for the opportunity to experience an intimate moment with their loved ones. “Thank you, technology,” one very happy customer said, revealing that he has been in a monogamous relationship with a long-distance girlfriend for years.

Chinese Kissing Device

The Chinese Kissing Device’s creator, who goes by the surname Jiang, said he developed it while separated from his long-distance partner for 7 years.

Jiang designed the gadget to activate only when paired with one sender and one receiver at a moment. This means that people cannot send unwanted kisses to people who are not anticipating them.