In the last couple of days the top cyber authority of China has scoured and removed social media accounts of 9,800 independent news providers. They have been charged with posting sensational, vulgar, and harmful political content over the internet recently.

China’s online censorship has very strict laws that in recent periods have been tightened. Also new legislation have been brought out for restricting media outlets. Also measures were taken for tight surveillance of media sites and continuous campaigns to remove unacceptable contents have been initiated.

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The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has said in a statement that the move launched on 20th October that they had erased these accounts for violations that included the charges of spreading politically harmful information and spreading false details of the Chinese Communist Party’s history. It said that they had degraded their heroes and defamed the nation’s image, relentlessly.

Many social media giants has been summoned by the CAC which included Sina – owned (SINA.O) and Weibo Tencent’s Wechat and have warned them for failing to restrict uncivilized growth and for creating chaos on their independent media platforms. They have been charged with seriously trampling the dignity of the Chinese laws and also of damaging the interests of the common people. According to authorities these independent news agencies are also not officially registered with the Chinese authorities.

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