China All Set to Explore the “Dark Side” Of The Moon!


    China is about to take a big risk as it is all set to explore the “dark side” of moon. A rover has been launched which will explore the far side of the lunar.

    As per the official Xinhua news agency, Long March 3B rocket carried the Chang’e-4 lunar probe from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center this Saturday.

    Source- NBC News

    The rover will set foot on the dark lunar side sometime around new year and will explore the surface and carry out all the experiments. 6 experiments are from China while then are from across the globe. These experiments include plantation tests, mineral tests and radio astronomical studies.

    But what is the dark side of the moon? The Moon has two sides. One is the tidally locked side which always faces the Earth and is also called the “near side.” The other side which is full of untrodden terrain is the far or the “dark side” of the moon. This side was first discovered in 1959 when the USSR released first pictures of the surface.

    Source- Aljajeera

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