Chiefs vs Lions Live Stream

The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Detroit Lions in the NFL Week 4 Sunday game and there are high chances of a shocking result. The Chiefs are unbeatable in the 2019 season with winning all three of their games. Patrick Mahomes as the leading quarterback is performing better than his MVP season.

In the Week 3 game, they even defeated the much stronger Baltimore Ravens. The Lions tied their season opener against the Cardinals but went on to win the next two games against the solid teams like Chargers and Eagles. Although, the scoring difference was just 3 points in both the games, the Lions are ready to pull out an upset and beat the Chiefs.

Chiefs Defense Problems and Injured Tyreek Hill

Chiefs vs Lions Predictions and Odds

The Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes leading their offensive line but they can’t depend on him for every game. In the last AFC Championship, the Patriots defeated the Chiefs due to their weak defense and it is still somewhat of a problem. Jalen Ramsey is the primary target for the Kansas City team to improve their defense but for the current moment, they are somehow vulnerable.

Detroit Lions can easily attack with Matthew Stafford performing well for the 2019 season. Also, the Chiefs have put their wide receiver Tyreek Hill on the injured list which means that Patrick Mahomes will have weaker support in Chiefs vs Lions Week 4 game.

Chiefs vs Lions: Betting Odds and Predictions

Detriot Lions can attack the weak defense of Chiefs

Chiefs vs Lions predictions will obviously pick the Kansas City team as the winner as they are at their top form in the NFL 2019 season. The Chiefs have been scoring more than 25 points in their last 25 straight games, making it an NFL record.

Patrick Mahomes, LeSean McCoy, DeMarcus Robinson and Mecole Hardman are doing great which makes almost unbeatable in the season. The Lions will have to play exceptionally well and they stopped their opponents at only 54.76 percent of pass completion, which can prove to be a big factor in the Week 4 Sunday game.

Betting Odds: Chiefs(-6) vs Lions, Pick: Chiefs 34, Lions 21