Chicago PD season 6 episode 19 is yet to be titled and fans might have to wait for sometime before they can watch it. The show is currently on a brief break. But, when it returns, someone in the show is going to die.

NBC released the new trailer of the upcoming episode of Chicago PD and it hinted a plot twist in storyline of Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati).

Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 19

Who is going to die in Chicago PD season 6 episode 19?

Burgess’ new boyfriend, Blair (Charles Michael Davis) is going to die as the actor is all set to leave the show. The promo of episode 19 of Chicago PD’s sixth season read a quote, “His lover was murdered”. And after that, we see Blair’s dead body.

One Chicago Center revealed that Blair’s death is not a surprise. Apparently, Davis stars in a couple of shows including For The People on ABC. So, he has to shift his focus on major projects.

Davis is a recurring guest star on Chicago PD. In the show, Blair had mentioned that he had only about three weeks time left in this job. Since he had already hinted his exit, his death in Chicago PD’s next episode will be the cue.

Also, the upcoming episode might feature the personal life of Upton (Tracy Spiridakos). There might be a love triangle in her storyline. Fans might also witness Atwater’s (LaRoyce Hawkins) distressing aftermath.

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Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 19

When will the show return?

The show was reported to be on a three-week break. But, the good news is that a bunch of episodes will be released after episode 19 is launched. The upcoming episode is also going to revolve around the election.

The Chicago election results are going to come in and hence the show might feature it as a backdrop. But, we still don’t know if the series is going to show real-life events.

Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 19

Chicago PD season 6 episode 19 is going to release on 24 April 2019. NBC is yet to announce the official title of the episode and the synopsis as well.