Chicago Fire season 8

The season 8 of Chicago Fire is not set to air on television until late 2019. Eager fans have been speculating about the return of their favorite show for a long time now, and there is finally news they can rejoice over. The co-creator of the show has revealed that production will soon start for the series.

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Chicago Fire season 8 filming starting in July

Derek Haas recently tweeted saying that the filming for Season 8 of Chicago Fire will be starting in the middle of July in the titular city. This is certainly peculiar because usually, NBC tends to film the shows in the middle of summer months so that they have their lineup for fall ready by the time the autumn months roll around.

There have been no announcements regarding casting changes in the season 8 of Chicago Fire. Ardent viewers will remember that the season finale of the last installment revealed that a romance was budding between Brett and Kacey, but it ended before it could even start.

Brett said yes to Kyle

There was certainly a spark between the duo and the showrunners teased the chemistry between them for the entire season. However, fans were disappointed to see that Brett said yes to Kyle’s surprise marriage proposal.

While working on an old case together, Severide and Stella developed feelings for each other. They even confessed the same in the season finale. However, their moment of happiness was interrupted by a factory fire just a few minutes later. Both the characters, along with the rest of the team, rushed to the scene to rescue the factory workers.

The show will be returning to TV this year on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m.