Farmington High School junior won the fifteenth season of NBC TV’s “The Voice” giving a thrilling conclusion to Chevel Shepherd’s stardom quest.

Shepherd was the most supported by the voters from the entire nation. She even claimed a grand recording contract prize with the Universal Music Group. Shepherd was totally surprised when Carson Daly called out her name. Her mouth flew open and she started smiling.

After that she embraced Chris Kroeze, the runner-up, and welcomed Kelly Clarkson, her celebrity coach, with a prolonged celebratory hug. Shepherd’s family instantly rushed to the stage and joined her while they were surrounded by falling confetti from the ceiling.

Moments ago, when Shepherd was asked what she wished to say to Clarkson by Daly, she has said,

I want to thank you for being a positive role model for me and being a big sister. I love you.

Shepherd’s quest for stardom began back in summers when she first gave auditions for the show. Since late September when the season premiered, Shepherd faced a lot of auditions, live performances and knockouts before reaching the finals. Monday’s finale program reached featured the top surviving contestants including Kennedy Holmes, Chris Kroeze, Kirk Jay and Shepherd.

Holmes was the first one who got eliminated, followed by Jay. With the two gone Shepherd and Kroeze were left as the season reached its climax. Shepherd gave a series of poised performances on the finale night and won the crown. He crooned her way through “Broken Hearts” and “It’s a Little Too Late”, after which she was joined by Kelly Clarkson for “Rockin’ with the Rhythm of the Rain”.

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The finale of the season was star studded with appearances by the likes of Rascal Flatts, Halsey, John Legend, Dierks Bentley and the Doobie Brothers.

Source: Daily Times, US Magazine