“Love Made Me Do It” marked a long-awaited return of Cheryl on the billboards. She tried to focus on her new haircut in her latest single, but her fans couldn’t stop noticing her face. Her face seemed a lot puffier than before.

The rumors for her plastic surgery was already in the news when she made her appearance at Capital Radio on Friday. A series of tweets emerged in which everyone expressed their disappointment as Cheryl messed up her beautiful look.

The tweets said that Cheryl is a natural beauty and has ruined it all with botox.

Source- Cheryl Vevo (Youtube)

However, when a cosmetic was asked by The Sun, he said that Cheryl has done definitely a lot more than just Botox. She had some cheek fillers and some lip fillers too.

Cheryl blamed it all on her insomnia and her hectic schedule. She said that during her interview with the Capital, she still had the pillow crease on her cheek. She slept at 2 and woke up at 5:30.

But it seems like Cheryl was hurt by the series of hatred she received. The video of “Lovemademedoit” was removed from the Youtube.

Source- Mirror