The National Anthem ceremony in the game this Thursday between the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders caught everyone’s attention. One Cheerleader of 49ers was kneeling during the anthem.

There has been no identification of her, but her photo of kneeling quickly went viral over the social media. One of the players was seen with his fist up during the anthem.

Some critics are saying that this kneeling down this is in line with the movement started in 2016. In 2016, a quarterback of 49ers Colin Kaepernick was the first ever player to kneel when the national patriotic song was played. This was in protest of the racial discrimination and the social injustice prevailing in the country. And since the reign of Donald Trump as the President of the US, this kneeling down is considered as disrespecting the pride of America. Nicole Darrah, a reporter for the Fox News, covered the entire news on Twitter and on

Image Source- USA Today

Source- Fox News