All of us are not that lucky. Although it might sound strange to some people, surprisingly there are multiple reasons for people “not” to adopt dogs at their houses. For instance, some parents impose age restrictions on their kids, and so they’re not allowed to keep dogs until they reach a certain age.

Our parents just simply don’t allow us to have dogs because they don’t like them. It is quite unfair because they are harmless creatures who only want our love and affection.

To help change this mindset, we are going to share with you some very convincing dog photos that we believe can instantly change anyone’s mind. Share this post with all those who say they don’t like dogs, and hopefully, they’ll reconsider. Because everyone deserves at least one dog in their lives.

#1 When you’re having a ruff day at work, but the office doggo is there for you

#2 How they look at you when they want more treats

#3 This is Blu. Blu alone is enough reason to have dogs

#4 This is Mr. Smols and he wants to be your best friend

#5 The happiness on his face after getting a forever home

#6 Before and after being called a good boy

#7 Offering free kisses to everyone because all hoomans deserve the best

#8 This is our good boy Spud. He listens to only half the things you tell him

#9 And we still ask for more reasons to have dogs?

#10 This good girl loves to nap here and wants you to join

#11 This is Macklin. His friends call him Wavy, and they’re not wrong

#12 When you stop chasing your tail and start chasing your dreams

#13 Dogs aren’t photogenic? Reconsider!

#14 This is Dalinar and he wants you to give him belly rubs

#15 He doesn’t know what’s going on, but he feels happy because you’re happy.

#16 This is a big boy who wants to join the military

#17 Going on mini adventures with your best friend

#18 This guy looks like he’s going to solve great mysteries

#19 The happiness on his face after getting a forever home

#20 When your hooman gives you treats even though you just ate