Almost everyone has imagined finding a bag full of cash on the side of the road. Well, this has really happened. A few days ago, an armored truck stuffed with cash accidentally dropped bags of money onto a highway after its doors flew open.

 On Friday morning in Southern California after two bags of money fell out, it lead drivers to shut down the freeway. The California highway patrol reported that the drivers scooped up fistfuls of cash.

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 A video posted on TikTok shows how drivers are jumping out of their cars to pick money as much as they possibly could.

California Highway Patrol reported a man and a woman, were arrested after taking some of the money on Interstate 5.

One woman, who shared the video on her TikTok account, said: “This is the most insane thing I’ve ever seen. San Diego has shut down, literally, it has shut down.”

Watch the chaos unfold here:

Another witness, Travis Fisher, told Fox5 San Diego how he originally believed that there had been an accident when traffic stopped.