After the success of its debut season, Chamber could be back with another season. Read on to know more about Chambers season 2.

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The Netflix subscribers around the globe are waiting to hear about the release date of Chambers Season 2. Netflix released all ten episodes of Season 1 on 26 April. After watching it, the fans are curious to know what will happen next in the story.

Will the fans get to see another season of Chambers?

There is no news about the show’s renewal till now. The first season only came out a few days back and it only makes sense that we should wait for some time for the news. It takes a couple of months before a show is renewed.

Chambers season 2: Will the fans get to see another season of Chambers?

The show’s ending has left the viewers with many questions. There is definitely another series waiting ahead for the fans. But the main question is when will that happen. The first season ended with Sasha taking on supernatural powers.

While Ruth is trying to convince her to join the cult. Evan took the charge of making her join the cult. However, everyone gave up and succumbed to Sasha’s powers. The fans are now curious to know what happens to Sasha and The Annex cult.

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When will Chambers Season 2 release?

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As there is no confirmation for the next season, we can expect it to come out next year only. The debut series released in April, so it’s only fair to expect the Chambers season 2 around the same time next year.