Everyone knows who Britney Spears is and how successful she was in the late ‘90s. But a decade later, something happened to her and thus, the court placed her under a conservatorship.

Luckily, this pop star now said “enough is enough” and appealed to the court to end her conservatorship. The best thing is that so many celebrities came in support of her asking to cancel her conservatorship. 

After 13 years, Britney Spears finally asked the court to cancel her conservatorship

For those unaware, back in 2008, Britney Spears was put under a court-mandated arrangement, a conservatorship, which is a legal arrangement that has effectively put her father and a team of lawyers in strict control of her life.

This followed after her refusal to relinquish custody of her sons, being hospitalized, being committed to psychiatric care and other factors. And since then, for 13 years, she has been living under this court order.

And people can’t stop cheering her on for finally taking this step, with a bunch of celebs expressing support on Twitter

For those unaware, a conservatorship is a legal arrangement that put Britney’s father and lawyers in strict control of her life

The thing that got everyone talking was her allegations that she was forced to use a birth control device that was inserted into her body against her will. “This conservatorship is abusive,” Spears concluded.

This legal agreement effectively put her in shackles, to a point where she can’t make personal life decisions anymore

Since her court hearing, people have been showering her with support under the hashtag #FreeBritney