The CCTV footage of Naya Rivera and her 4-year-old son Josey boarding their boat at Lake Piru have been released by the authorities, which is her last seen location before the Glee actress disappeared and has been presumed dead.

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The video released by Ventura County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday shows that Rivera arrives at the dock in her Mercedes-Benz SUV at 1 pm on Wednesday, then hops into a rental boat with her boy and then heads out to the Lake. Naya Rivera was declared missing three hours later and is currently presumed dead.

Josey has been Reunited with his Father, Ryan Dorsey

Josey was found sleeping alone in the boat and told the authorities that he and his mother went swimming, but she never returned. The four-year-old boy Josey has been now reunited with his father, Rivera’s ex-husband Ryan Dorsey, 36.

The call to authorities was made after the rental boat owner went to check on Rivera after she didn’t return on the expected time. The caller mistook Josey for a girl and said that he has found a little girl alone in the boat, while the mother has been found nowhere.

The Mystery of JetSki and Naya Rivera’s Body

Naya Rivera and her son

The video footage also shows a jetski cruising around Naya Rivera’s boat which could hold some clue to her sudden disappearance. The people who have seen the video are urging the police to find the jetskiiers as they could have some crucial information regarding the Glee Star’s last moments.

Rivera’s body has not been found even after two days of searching as divers are unable to find anything in the murky water.

Rivera’s body ‘may never come back up’ if it is ‘entangled on something beneath the water.

Naya Rivera is presumed dead at the moment and the authorities feel that her body might never be found if it is stuck somewhere deep inside the water.