Georgina and her fiance Christopher had a cat named Herbie. He was 16-years-old when he passed away. Usually, cats have a longer life so, it was quite early at his age to die. But this gave the couple an understanding and sense that they would want to adopt more cats to offer them a good life.

Meet Toby and Quinton!

“I kept thinking about those animals that might only have a few months to live and have to spend them in a shelter,” Georgina stated. “We decided to look for a special cat that might be having more trouble finding a home.”

Georgina had been searching on the Internet when she came across Toby and Quinton, a couple of cats who had to be adopted together and were looking for a home. “I saw them on an RSPCA website and fell in love with them.” Quinton’s seven years old, he’s black and white, all his teeth are missing. Toby is 6, short hair and a lot of loose skin.

Toby had Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, also called “feline skin asthenia. It is a rare disorder that causes the skin to be fragile and stretch due to a lack of collagen. “We had never heard of it before we found him, but we knew he needed a home and we were going to love him very much.”

Georgina and Christopher visited the cats in the shelter, they lived in a separate special unit. “They were both terrified and hid behind everything. Toby was shaking behind Quinton.”

Quinton allowed Georgina to pet but Tody was very scared.

It is now that Tody and Quinton have found peace at their home. Although, Quinton is a bit fragile as his condition demands a little extra care while bathing or playing. “The two are inseparable, and Quinton tries to wash Toby’s face whenever possible. When playing, Quinton knows not to pull out his nails.”

Because of the rare condition, the couple is concerned about the skin and weight Toby has put on. “This syndrome can cause joint problems and the extra weight of the skin makes us think that it can give him problems when he’s older.”

To ensure that minimum problem is caused to Toby, they restrict him to jump from heights.

He is just like an ordinary cat who likes to watch birds fly, cuddle in bed and play with a ball. “He likes to have his belly scratched and lies next to you watching you, waiting for you to scratch him.”

“You just have to love them, and despite their needs they are precious animals with their incredible personalities and the ability to love you.”

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