When we hear the word dual face, we don’t like it because it indicates something negative. But this bicolor face cat is changing the definition of the dual face and we are loving it. The name of this cat is Narnia and he is 3 years old. This handsome boy also has a rare genetic trait that differentiates him from others. 

Oh, did we mention that he has become the father of two adorable kittens? That’s right. Scroll down to have a look. 


Stephanie Jiminez, the mother of Narnia, said:

«“When Narnia was born I was very surprised. I knew immediately that it was exceptional. Narnia was born with a black and gray double face, which is very rare.».

Stephanie said:

“A geneticist conducted tests and discovered that Narnia has only one DNA … he remains a mystery to science.”

Stephanie said:

«He also has beautiful blue eyes, which is very rare for a cat that is completely black. Typically blue eyes are often found in white cats».

Stephanie told us:

«Narnia is doing great and loves to play with her kittens».