The HGTV is coming up with a sequel of The Brady Bunch entitled ‘A Very Brady Renovation‘. Just before the upcoming series the network collected the original cast members of Brady Bunch. They included  Eve Plumb (Jan), Maureen McCormick (Marcia), Susan Olsen (Cindy), Christopher Knight (Peter), Barry Williams (Greg) and Mike Lookinland (Bobby). They were given a walk through the epochal North Hollywood home that had served as their house during the shooting.

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The network had made a bid on the house in August and won beating Lance Bass, the former NSYNC member who had tried to claim the abode. The shots of the exterior of this house had been used to establish a sense of belonging for the Brady family. The HGTV has planned a renovation of the house by adding about 2,000 square feet area to it. The Brady Bunch family will redo the interior of the house so that it remains true to their home, loved by all.

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