Cardi B

Cardi B, one of the most famous American female rappers and youth icons, is in the news these days, but not for her songs. She gave birth to a baby daughter, from her husband Offset. The rapper shared a lot of photos online with her baby, and it brought her back into the limelight. Cardi B. resorted to various surgeries to get back in shape after giving birth.

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But it seems like due to so many surgeries and other jobs on her body, she could be in serious trouble. Here is what the doctors have to say about Cardi B. after looking at her recent post.

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Swollen Legs could be an issue

Famous celebrities do a lot of stupid things to stay relevant, and this can turn out to be very dangerous at times. Cardi B. went under the knife to get her figure back after the pregnancy, but it turned out to be a disaster. She had liposuction and probably a butt job to enhance her body shape. But she is looking a lot like one of those anime figures now.

Famous US-based doctor, Dr. Terry Dubrov, on a TV show, looked at her swollen feet and deduced that something is wrong with her. As per the doctor and his associate, her swollen feet are stopping blood flow to her heart. There seems to be a major problem with Cardi, and it could lead to serious heart problems, if not treated soon. 

What is Cardi B. saying?

While the fans of Cardi B. are supporting her decision and saying she has every right to change her body. It seems Cardi B. is suffering from some health issues, which is why she canceled her recent tours. She is still not accepting that the surgery has gone wrong, and is pumping out excuses. Cardi B. blames her hectic schedule for not doing future shows and says she needs more time for her body to recover fully.