CandyMan is Returning To The Big Screen In 2020!

Bernard Rose directed one of the most popular movies of 1992, Candyman which was adapted from a short story “The Forbidden” written by Clive Baker in his book “Books of Blood.” In September there were rumors that Jordan Peele of Monkeypaw Productions is thinking of bringing back the classic to the big screen. And the news is now confirmed.

Candyman is one of the lesser known horror icons, but is definitely one of the scariest of them all. The spirit comes into existence when someone chants his name five times looking into the mirrow. Tony Todd played the role of Candyman in the 1992 movies. However, there is still no word whether he will be returning or not.

Source – Horror News Network

Jordan Peele said in an interview that the 1992 classic was a landmark movie for black representation in scary movies. The movie has inspired a lot of horror movie makers, all thanks to the legend Clive Baker.

The new movie is expected to hit the theatres in June 2020.

Source- Bloody Disgusting

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