During interviews with prospective candidates CEO Dani Ross of Canada Goose warns candidates that the company is a crazy place for employment. The manner in which the prospective employees react determines the outcome of the interview.

The CEO of the luxury apparel manufacturer stated that he always wanted to hire employees who were adaptable.

He is very clear in what he conveys to the candidates. His attempt is to hire individuals who are full of energy and passion with the right kind of enterprising attitude.

The company was started by his grandfather as a small family owned business and expanded to a $2.7 billion dollar company, going public last year.

The CEO is not the only head honcho who looks at employee flexibility. Linkedin’s Jennifer Shappley, the director of talent acquisition, concurred that more than 69 % of executives looked for employee adaptability as a skill among candidates. There are many executives and hiring managers who share the same opinion about the adaptability of employees at the workplace.

Jennifer Dulski of Facebook had written in a LinkedIn post that the most successful employees were the ones who were adaptable. There have been numerous suggestions and tips to hiring managers about the need for identifying candidates with such traits.

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Meanwhile the Ceo of Canada Goose said that the fact that employees succeeded in an atmosphere of change, were not to be viewed differently where others had failed. He went on to add that his company looked for people who were committed and interested to be a part of an exciting journey that could be wild at times. He elaborated that employees at Canada Goose had to chart out their own career.

Source: latestnigeriannews