record phone calls on iPhone

Everyone uses a different smartphone for various purposes, but one thing which is universal to all is phone calls. The primary purpose of an iPhone or any other mobile is calling people and having a conversation. Many times there, a need arises where we want to listen to our previous phone calls.

The use of recording phone calls can be for business, love or improving your vocal skills. So, if you are looking to record phone calls on your iPhone, here are the different ways to do it.

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Record calls using External device

record phone calls on iPhone appOne of the simplest methods to record a phone call on your iPhone is to use the other device. Any phone, tablet, voice recorder, etc. can be used to record phone calls. Every Android phone or Apple iPhone has a built-in voice recorder which can be used to record external sounds.

When you are having a conversation on a call with someone on your iPhone, just bring that external device and start recording. It will be a good thing to keep it near the speaker to record better clarity, as your own voice from the iPhone will be louder. The only drawback of using this method to record iPhone calls is the external noise from the background.

Record calls using Apps

record phone calls on iPhone app

While the first method to record voice calls on the iPhone is easy, it does requires an additional device and also have low clarity. The best way to record phone calls is to use your own iPhone for the process. By recording it in the same iPhone which is used for the call, it would produce a high-quality voice recording.

There are several applications in the App store to record your voice calls in your own iPhone. Call recorder lite,  Call Log pro, Tapeacall Pro, iPadio, etc and such other apps can do the job without any trouble. Most of the Apps are either free or just require a sign-up process and a one-time fee. The best part is that you can save the phone calls you record on your Apple iPhone and listen to it as much as you want.