Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Out Now!

The latest edition of the worldwide phenomenal game Call of Duty is now available. Activision just released the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 world wide.

This edition features the till date best multiplayer experience with the most tactical team battles. According to Playstation, the game offers the best Day One Zombies, three different adventures, Blackouts and many more. The all new battle royale mode will bring to the fans a life like experience with all the favorite characters, iconic location and will feature the biggest-till-date map in COD history. The map will be so detailed that it will include air, sea and land vehicles too.

Source- Game Spot

According to the details released by Playstation, here’s what we have in store for free:-

1. Nuketown: The iconic and fan-favorite NukeTown map in an all new avatar.

2. Specialists: Some newly added characters will make their appearance in December.

3. Blackout

4. Events: New and exciting events will keep popping up every once a while.

So, let’s catch up directly in the field then.

Source- Playstation Blog

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