The winter storm in Southern California

The West Coast of Southern California has recently been hit by a powerful winter storm. Because of this winter storm, the people of California have been urged to leave the county.

Situations will get worse because of the Winter Storm

This isn’t that bad and the situations will become even worse in the future. According to the forecasts, there will be heavy rain and blizzard for two more days in California because of this winter storm.

After this, the winter storm will set its way to the East Coast. The latest path of the winter storm is being tracked by weathercaster Lonnie Quinn of WCBS.

In the burn areas of Southern California, there has been a deluge of rain. This, in turn, has caused mudslides and has also destroyed homes.

Heavy rainfall because of the Winter Storm

The winter storm of Southern California has also wreaked havoc on the communities of countries from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles.

Deaths caused by the winter storm of California

There has been death of 15 people as of Wednesday morning because of the winter storm. The deaths took place in Santa Barbara County.

This was at the place where the wildfire has left the sides of the hills without vegetation to hold the rainfall.

The department of Sheriff of the country has said that the deaths took place in Montecito and Carpinteria communities.

This is the place where the Thomas fire recently burned. The crews have also been looking for the people who were missing.

There are about 300 people who have been stranded on the morning of Wednesday. This is in the area of Romero Canyon which is in Montecito. The efforts for the rescue of these people are underway.

Winter Storm hits California
The winter storm has caused a lot of deaths and left many people stranded

According to the report of CNBC, a spokesperson for the Joint Information Centre, Yaneris Muniz told CNBC on Wednesday that they are are still continuing their active efforts in the areas that affected.

Muniz further added that there are families that have been calling about members that are missing. These are about a dozen or two.

Sheriff’s statement on the houses destroyed by the winter storm

According to the statement of Bill Brown who is the Santa Barbara County Sheriff which came on Tuesday, there are about several dozen of homes which have been destroyed or damaged.

Brown also added that there is likely to be many more such homes in the areas that are not accessible at the moment.

According to the weather forecasts heavy rain is due in areas where the Thomas and Creek fires had recently burned.

Winter Storm hits California
Mudslides are happening because of the winter storm

Parts of these are under evacuation that has been mandated by the government. However, there are deadly mudslides in certain areas that are not included in the order for evacuation.

According to the Officials of Santa Barbara County, they have rescued about 50 people which included children. About 25 people have been injured because of the winter storms.

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