Halloween is here and Burger King is all set in the mood to celebrate it. If you remember, Burger King introduced a special ‘Halloween Whopper’ to celebrate the occasion few years back. The specialty of this Halloween Whopper was the eerie black bun. A similar bun is also available at Jurassic World Café, Japan.

Burger King got this idea from Japan where Bamboo charcoal and squid ink is used for making black hamburger buns, black ketchup and black cheese. Now it’s introducing another special item to frighten patrons.

This year Burger King is back with special plans to celebrate Halloween. ‘Scary Black Cherry’ will be the special item that will be introduced for a limited period. This special Halloween creation of Burger King will contain frozen Fanta drink.

Just like the Halloween Whopper, ‘Scary Black Cherry’ will be pitch as well. However, what you may not know about this drink is that it has some unwanted side effects as well. Your month will turn black when you take one sip of the drink, but it doesn’t stop there. Those who were courageous enough to taste the drink say that it may not be good for your bowels as well.

Don’t worry you won’t die. It’s just the after effect of taking a lot of food coloring and sugar. It seems that Burger King wants to give you a real taste of Halloween this time. If you are brave enough, taste it yourself and you will know.

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Here’s the special Halloween drink ‘Scary Black Cherry’:

Burger King gets to the true spirit of Halloween. It even offered free whoppers to customers who were dressed for the occasion last time. It’s commercial promotions used the quote:

Come as a clown, eat like a king.

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Source: Movieweb, bloody-disgusting.com