Bumblebee restores the nostalgia of the Transformers Franchise

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By the looks of it, sixth time’s a charm for the franchise of Transformers. And the credit goes to Bumblebee which acts as the fresh instalment of the prequel series. And now Bumblebee is regarded as the best Transformers movie ever.

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Steven Spielberg is still the executive producer. However, this proves to be the first time that has the Spielberg’s touch of lightness. Bumblebee is set in a vintage Spielbergian era, and the movie managed to tease the same kind of comedy from the period, just like the mother of Charlie borrows her new car but fails to notice the gigantic robot arm which is poking out from the boot of the car.

The design of the character is quite similar to the original design and looks vividly original. The chain-link faces of Transformers are quite expressive and impressive. It felt nice for the critics who found out  that they are in the hands of the certain kinds of film-makers who are more likely interested about what is going to in the close-ups, also for the robots.

Source: theguardian

The film on the other hand is predictably heavy when it retro sauce is considered such as the cassette desks to the corndogs. The film also featured supercomputers along with snippets of the Breakfast Club. The venture of Charlie is a coming-of-the-age which is furthermore automated for delivering a full-time emotional payoff.

Jim Vejvoda from IGN said that the 2018 film Bumblebee reinvigorates and redeems the live-action gigantic robots live-action film transformers with a little bit of heartfelt fun. According to the Telegraph’s Robbie Collin, Transformers is the most human movie from the franchise to date.

Source: rottentomatoes

The speculation also reports that Hasbro along with Paramount has decided to put Bumblebee to be the first movie in the newest cinematic universe. This is the first move that will include a reboot of the Channing Tatum and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson starring G.I.Joe reboot.

Source: rottentomatoes, theguardian, hindustantimes

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